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Monday, April 2, 2012

How the poor benefit the wealthy

Just as the poor should give thanks to God and return rich love to those who assist them, so all the more should the wealthy give thanks, for through God's providence they are able to perform acts of charity, and so are saved both in this age and in the age to come.  For without the poor they cannot save their souls or flee the temptations of wealth.  St. Peter of Damascus

Back on March 25, you'll see an entry about the ministries of the Philanthropic Society of the Orthodox Church in Calcutta.  Since that posting I have learned more about the current situation of the ministry—that is, it has acute needs at present.  Long-term funding which had been coming consistently from Greece has fallen off (due to economic hardships in the country) to the point that the ministries in Calcutta are now in a crisis situation.  I would like to ask the readers here if they would take a look at the posting once more and if at all inclined, send a gift of any amount to the St. Basil Orphanage Fund at this link:  http://thepsoc.org/donate/

Perhaps those of you who read this can pass along this request to your church’s philanthropic ministry as well, asking them to consider the needs.  It could be that your local church might be willing to take up the needs of these two orphanages and feeding program for the poorest of the poor on a routine basis.  The children who are sheltered by these orphanages pray for their benefactors daily.  What could bring a greater blessing than being remembered by these young and otherwise vulnerable people, beloved by God?

Herein lies an opportunity and a blessing; a small thing to us, perhaps, but of inestimable value to them.  The recompense goes on to heaven, stored up for those who respond with love.

With appreciation and love,
Pres. Candace

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