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Sunday, January 13, 2013

On the martyrdom of one's offspring

A 5th Century mother's entreaty to the Lord Jesus, upon learning that her son [one of the monks at Raithu, January 13th] was martyred for Christ: 

When she was informed of his death, she dressed in bright clothes and put on a joyful face; and, having lifted up her hands to the heavens, said roughly the following to the Savior Christ: To Thee, Master, I entrusted my son, and I rejoice that now - and in the future age - he has been saved.  To Thee I surrendered my son, and Thou art He Whom I considered his protector.  I thus rejoice, indeed, that he has been preserved safe and unharmed from the devil.  For I do not think about his death, or what his end was, but I look on the fact that he escaped the danger of every sin.  I do not think about the fact that his body was so wounded, or that he suffered a bitter death, but that he sustained his soul clean and immaculate to the end; and surrendered his spirit into that spotless hands. 

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