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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Divine therapy

Advice from Gerontissa Gavrilia (Papayanni +1992), The Ascetic of Love, pg 158

Quite often, patients with a painful arm would come to me for treatment.  The moment I started massaging the arm*, the patient stiffened and I would say, ‘Relax.  Let your arm loose so I can do my work,’ but he couldn’t and would keep his arm stiff.  Then I would tell him again, ‘In spite of all my good will, my experience and the love I have for my job and people, I will not able to help you if you don’t let your arm free.’ 

I have watched how the patient’s attitude works and have realized that this is also what happens with us.  If we abandon ourselves in God’s hands, He will fashion us as He wants us to be.  He will give us so many opportunities!  He will make us meet people that are His own!  We shall progress in life!  And finally we shall flourish in Christ, in God.  But, when we want things to be according to our own petty will and tell Him, ‘No, I do not want that,’ then God says to us, Let yourself free, ‘No, I will have it my way,’  Let yourself free.  ‘No!  This is what I want.’  And because He made us free, He tells us, Well since this is your wish, go ahead and break your little head!  Then you will come and say, ‘Forgive me, Lord.  Have mercy on me, my Lord.’  Let us hope that this may be so, to make us turn to God and tell Him, ‘Lord have mercy upon me.’  For even then, even with a broken head, if He opens our eyes, all we be well.  

*Gerontissa Gavrilia was a trained physiotherapist

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