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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Optina fathers on arguments & quarrels

One must not argue, for an argument can sometimes cause great unpleasantness.  It has been said, “He is great before God who behaves humbly towards his neighbor,” and “God will exalt the humble, but the proud and argumentative God will humble.”  One must reproach only himself for his own faults, and not his neighbor.  St. Joseph

From a person with an argumentative character, you can hardly expect anything else.  In the spiritual life there is nothing worse and more harmful than argumentativeness.  For a while it is sometimes concealed, but then it again is revealed in its former strength.  St. Ambrose 

Those who are indignant with us teach us to philosophically examine ourselves:  are we really Christians?  Do we love our enemies?—and to recognize in this our own infirmities.  St. Macarius

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