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Monday, October 14, 2013

Things a Christian cannot help but do

The sun gives forth light; it cannot help doing so.  Animals breathe in and out; they cannot help doing so.  Fish swim in rivers and the seas; they cannot help doing so.  What, then, are the things which a Christian cannot help doing? 

First of all, a Christian cannot help praying.  To be a Christian is to regard God as a loving Father; and it is natural to talk and listen to one's parents.  

Second, a Christian cannot help praising God and giving praise to Him.  To be a Christian is to affirm God as Creator of the universe; and when a Christian looks at the beauty and glory of what God has made, praise and thanksgiving pour from the lips.   

Third, a Christian cannot help being generous.  To be a Christian is to acknowledge that everything belongs to God and the human beings are merely stewards of what they possess; so they naturally want to share their possessions with those in need.   

Fourth, a Christian cannot help reading the Scripture and also studying the insights of other Christians.  To be  a Christian is to rejoice in the power of the Holy Spirit; and the Sprit speaks to us through the Scriptures and through the insights of our spiritual brothers and sisters.  

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