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Monday, June 16, 2014

Geronda Paisios on peace organizations

Geronda, do the peace organizations established by various countries help in bringing peace to the world?

It depends.  There are some who begin with good intentions.  But when all sorts of unrelated people—sorcerers, fire-worshippers, cultic religious types of all persuasions—enter into the mix and attempt to work together, how can there be a common purpose or a common ground for peace?  God forgive me, but such things are the devil’s rags.  Can peace be achieved through sinful association?  How can there be peace, when people are not reconciled with God?  Only when man is reconciled with God can inward and outward peace come.  But for us to be reconciled with God, we must first attain awareness, we must repent, we must live in accordance with God’s commandments, and then the Grace and peace of God will enter into us, enabling us to also help create peace around us.

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