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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

For those with shattered nerves

In the book With Elder Porphyrios:  A Spiritual Child Remembers,  on pg 263, we read this advice to a mother with shattered nerves: 

The Elder advised a mother with shattered nerves due to serious trials, to struggle to become holy.  At the same time, he gave her practical advice so that she could manage to escape from her melancholy.  She should take care to get rid of unpleasant memories and fears; she should remember pleasing events; she should always cultivate optimistic thoughts about the future; she should listen to good music that she likes; go out for walks in the countryside; go with Christian ladies, who were friends of hers, to vespers and vigils, and also to the Divine Liturgy on Sunday; and she should pray with trust in Christ.  

The above is basic advice that seems like it could apply to most anyone in our stress filled age filled with temptations, disappointments and sorrows.  Pres. Candace

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