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Friday, November 27, 2015

Nov 15/28 Repose of St. Herman of Alaska

I am pleased to share with you a short message from Fr. Patrick Tishel, headmaster of Saint Herman of Alaska Orthodox Christian School in Allston, MA (a Boston neighborhood).  As the school’s Patron, St. Herman’s feast days are celebrated by the school and its umbrella church, Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church (they meet in the same building).   

Read below about the Feast Days dedicated to beloved Saint Herman and visit the Pravoslavie link for more information about the Saint and the recommended video. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: 

Saturday Nov.15/28 is the date of the repose of our beloved Saint Herman of Alaska. He has three days of commemoration: August 9th-the date of his canonization, November 28-the day of his repose and Dec 25-when we remember his burial.

We ask St. Herman for his prayers and to bless the children of our school and parish to know the fullness of the Faith so they may be witnesses to those around them.

Here is a link with more details and with another link to a video about Spruce Island. http://www.pravoslavie.ru/english/88215.htm
With love in Christ,
Fr. Patrick

Our family was blessed to live in Alaska for eight years so St. Herman is near and dear to us.  When we left Alaska, God guided us to an Orthodox Christian School dedicated to St. Herman of Alaska (as mentioned above) which serves youth from K-8th grade.  This school is located in the Boston neighborhood of Allston. The school has been serving Orthodox families for more than two decades.  Our daughter was blessed to spend her middle school years and to graduate from this wonderful school! 

For those of you who have a heart for Orthodox Christian education, you can learn more about Saint Herman of Alaska Christian School by visiting their web site:   http://sainthermanschool.org/school/  They have a free e-newsletter ministry to which you can subscribe.  And, if support for Orthodox Christian Education is your passion, this school is worthy of the support it receives from friends both near and far.    

St. Herman of Alaska, pray for us!
Presbytera Candace 

"Then, for our good and for our happiness, let us all make a vow: at least from this day, this hour, this very minute, we should strive to love God above all else and do His will."  St. Herman of Alaska

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