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Thursday, August 11, 2016

On the benefit of the night hours

If you are willing to reflect on the meaning of night, you will also discover the infinite providence of the Creator. 
Night restores the tired body and relaxes limbs which are tense through the efforts of the day.  By means of rest, night helps them to regain their rhythm. 
And not only that.  Night sets you free from sorrow and relieves your worries.  It often reduces fever by making sleep a cure and by changing itself into a doctor’s assistant. 
That is the importance of night.  It is so great that often if you cannot benefit from your rest, you will not have the strength to face a new day. 
At night, as in a time of truce, the exhausted soul and the worn out body regain their energy and are prepared to take up their daily activity again.  On the other hand, if we prolong the day into night by staying awake to work or even to do nothing, we are condemning ourselves to being useless because gradually our strength is wasted.  

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