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Friday, May 11, 2012

What the lover of God can expect

I will show you another work that can establish man firmly (on his way) from beginning to end.  It is to love God with all his heart and intention and to worship Him.  God will then give him great strength and joy, and all the works of God will become to him as sweet as honeycomb.  So will all labors of the body become light and sweet, along with his meditation, vigil and carrying the Lord's yoke. 

However, on account of God's love for man, He unleashes upon him adversities so as not to be conceited, but stand firm in his struggle and proceed further in his growth.  Instead of strength he feels languor and feebleness, instead of joy, sadness; instead of sweetness, bitterness.  Many similar things befall him who loves God.  Nevertheless, he is all the more strengthened in his struggle against them and eventually overcomes them. Once he does so, the Spirit of God stands by him in all things and strengthens him so as never to fear anything evil. 

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