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Sunday, July 29, 2012

All are created spiritually equal

God has created all people spiritually equal.  Every person has the same propensity for good and evil.  Every peson has the same choice, as to whether to obey God or to defy Him.  Yet in other ways, we are very unequal.  Some people are highly intelligent, while others have feeble intellects.  Some people are physically strong and healthy, while others are weak and prone to illness.  Some people are handsome and attractive while others are plain.  Those who are gifted in some way should not despise those less gifted.  On the contrary, God has distributed gifts and blessings in such a way that every person has a particular place and purpose within a society--and thus everyone is equally necessary for a society to function well.  So, do not resent the fact that someone is more intelligent or stronger than you are.  Instead, give thanks for their intelligence and strength, from which you benefit.  And then ask yourself, "What is my gift, and thence what is my place in society?"  When you have answered this question, and you act according to your answer, all contempt and all resentment will melt away. 

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