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Monday, July 2, 2012

Meeting the Lord after our departure

In death the soul that has come to know God through the Holy Spirit experiences a measure of dread when the angels bring her before the Lord, since while living in the world she was guilty of sin.  But when the soul beholds the Lord, she rejoices in His meek and merciful countenance, and the Lord in the abundance of His gentleness and love remembereth not her sins.  One glance at the Lord, and love of Him will take up its abode in the soul, and from love of God and the sweetness of the Holy Spirit she will be completely transformed.  St. Silouan the Athonite

The lives of many Orthodox Christians were deeply touched and moved by the Holy Spirit to initially investigate the Eastern Orthodox Faith through the writing of Fr. Peter Gillquist in his book, "Becoming Orthodox"  first printed in August 1989.  Only God knows the on-going effect of this writing.  A multitude of souls made the journey to the historic Christian Church on the basis of its reading over the years and that legacy remains.  

With the saints give rest, O Lord, to the soul of your departed servant,
where there is no pain, nor sorrow, nor suffering, but life everlasting!

Today, I join my heart with others proclaiming "memory eternal!" for the soul of the servant of God, Fr. Peter.  Concluding a battle with cancer, God called him from this life on Sunday, evening, July 1.  His soul departed while surrounded by loved ones and upheld by the prayers of many.  Please see this link for details for visitation and burial:  http://www.antiochian.org/content/memory-eternal-fr-peter-gillquist

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