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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On those we consider as 'lost'

Souls that have known pain and suffering and that are tormented by their passions win most especially the love and grace of God. It is souls such as these that become saints and very often we pass judgment on them.  Remember what Saint Paul says, Where sin abounded, grace flowed even more abundantly.  When you remember this, you will feel that these people are more worthy than you and me.  We see them as weak, but when they open themselves to God they become all love and all divine eros.  Whereas previously they had acquired different habits, they now give all the power of their soul to Christ and are set on fire by Christ’s love.  That is how God’s miracle works in such souls, which we regard as ‘lost.’

We shouldn’t be discouraged, nor should we rush to conclusions, nor judge on the basis of superficial and external things.  If, for example, you see a woman immodestly dressed, don’t have regard only for her outward appearance, but look more deeply into her soul.  She may be a very good soul with an existential restlessness, which she expresses through her shocking appearance.  She has a dynamism within her, the power of self-projection; she wishes to attract the eyes of others.  But through lack of awareness she has distorted things.  Think what would happen if she were to come to know Christ.  She would do everything to attract the grace of God.  She would become a saint. 

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