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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The secret to changing the ungodly

When we see that the people around us have no love for God we are distressed.  But with our distress we achieve nothing at all.  Nor do we achieve anything by trying to persuade them to change their ways.  That’s not right, either.  There is a secret, however, and if we understand it, we will be able to help.  The secret is our prayer and our devotion to God so that His grace may act.  We, with our love, with our fervent desire for the love of God, will attract grace so that it washes over those around us and awakens them to divine love.  Or rather God will send His love and will rouse them all.  What we are unable to do, His grace will achieve.  With our prayers, we will make all worthy of God’s love. 

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