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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Through the intercessions of the Forerunner

Lord, my God, I stand condemned before Your holy face, and I confess my unworthiness, my weakness and my great poverty.  Therefore I pray to You, the sweet fountain and depth of compassion:  Open the gates of heaven and rain the abundance of Your loving kindness upon me that I may thus pour forth tears and weep, cleansing and washing my soul of the stain of sin with true and deep repentance.  I offer as my intercessor for this great gift, O Lord, the forerunner John, and I cry to him, O teacher of repentance and great prophet who are greater than all the prophets, as the Son of God Himself said in the holy Gospel.  You showed the Master Christ to the people; you baptized Him in the Jordan and beheld the heavens opening; you heard the voice of the heavenly father and beheld the Holy Spirit as a dove descending upon Him.  I pray to you to help me by your intercessions as you stand in heaven before the eternal Judge.  Turn Him to have compassion upon me, for you have great boldness before His love.  Stretch forth your hand, with which you baptized Him, and destroy my evil thoughts, and strengthen me to spend my life on the good path of God.  O Prophet, illumine my mind with the commandments of the Lord so that I may remember them and preserve them to the end of my life.  Stand near me at the hour of my death, and lead me before God, my Master.  Intercede also for the whole world, that God may grant help to Christians.  May He grant the living and the departed rest from their many labors, bestowing upon them all which is needful and making them worthy of His kingdom.  Amen. 


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