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Saturday, June 1, 2013

On attentiveness to Scripture readings

Let everyone pay attention to the reading (cf I Tim 4:13)!  The words of the saints are words of God and not of men.  Let him put them in his heart and keep them securely, since God’s words are words of life and he who has them within himself and keeps them has eternal life.  Were you often guests at a sumptuous banquet I doubt that any one of you would be so indifferent that he would fall asleep and only take from it for his own need, and not be anxious before departing to take with him something for the morrow that he would eagerly share with some of his friends or even with the poor.  But here the words of life are offered to you, which make those who feed on them immortal!  Tell me, is it right for anyone to be inattentive or to fall asleep and snore as if he were a living corpse?  How great the loss!  How great the insensitivity and sluggishness! 

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