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Friday, November 29, 2013

Always remember Him

My children, always remember Jesus so that in all your weaknesses you may find the appropriate medicine.  Are you in pain?  By calling on Jesus you will find relief and enlightenment.  Are you in affliction?  Call on Jesus and behold, consolation will dawn in the realm of your heart.  Are you overcome by discouragement?  Do not neglect to set your hopes on Jesus, and your soul will be filled with courage and strength.  Are you bothered by carnal thoughts that allure you to sensual pleasure?  Take the consuming fire of the name of Jesus and set fire to the tares.  Are you oppressed by some worldly affair?  Say, "Enlighten me, my Jesus, how to deal with the matter which lies before me. Work it out in accordance with Thy holy will."  And behold, you will be at peace and will walk with hope. 

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