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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On those who tempt and grieve you

Put up with that person who grieves you and creates temptations.  Put up with him joyfully.  Pray for him every day.  Alays try to do good to him, to commend him, to speak to him with love, and God will work His miracle and he will reform.  Then our Christ will be glorified and the devil, who sets up all the stumbling-blocks, will be foiled.  Force yourself especially to stop criticizing and lying.  Your penance is to do one prayer-rope every day for this person who hates you, so that God may enlighten him to repent…   

If this person does something against you, overlook it, be patient.  Let yourself be wronged, but do not wrong; let yourself be slapped,  but do not slap; let yourself be criticized, but do not criticize.  When you do all this, then the Son of God, along with the Father and the Holy Spirit, will dwell in your soul.  Fight the good fight; overlook the deeds of this person, just as our Christ has overlooked your sins. 

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