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Thursday, January 30, 2014

On trusting God

When we believe in God and have trust in His fatherly providence and concern, then we do not think of ourselves; instead we know that God is aware  of our needs and looks after our problems, from the simplest to the most serious one.  The only things we must want is to allow God’s love and providence to function for us.  When we have this kind of faith and inner disposition, we are able to see God’s miracles––God Himself––who is always close to us under all circumstances.  In order to experience this we must reject any form of worldly assistance or human hope, and with a pure heart, unhesitatingly and trustfully devote our mind to God.  Then the grace of Christ will fill our souls at once. 

Some people have the wrong impression, however; they think they can be involved in worldly matters and be attached to material possessions, and at the same time, expect the help of God’s providence.  God’s help to people who think this way can be destructive, for it prolongs their attachment to worldly things. God helps them by letting them be exposed to temptations and difficulties; this will eventually make them loath worldly matters and totally devote their hearts to God. 

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