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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Outcomes of our choices

If you have upbraided, or passed judgment on, or vexed your brother, your peace is lost.  If you have been boastful, or have exalted yourself above your fellow, you have lost grace.  If you did not drive away forthwith that wanton thought that came to you, your soul will lose love for God and boldness in prayer.  If you are fond of power, or money, you will never know the love of God. If you have followed your own will, then you are vanquished by the enemy and despondency will come upon your soul.  If you detest your brother, it means that you have fallen away from God, and an evil spirit has taken possession of you.

But if you will do good unto your brother, you will gain quiet for your conscience.  If you subdue your own will, your enemies will be driven off and you will receive peace in your soul.  If you forgive your brother the affronts he puts upon you, and love your enemies, then you will receive forgiveness for your sins and the Lord will give you to know the love of the Holy Spirit.  And when you have entirely humbled yourself, you will find perfect rest in God. 

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