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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

St. Theophan the Recluse on endurance

He that endureth to the end shall be saved (Matt. 10:22).  Do we have anything to endure?  In this no one is lacking.  Everyone’s arena of endurance is vast, and therefore our salvation is at hand.  Endure everything to the end and you will be saved.  However, you must endure skillfully—otherwise, you may not gain anything by your endurance.   

First of all, keep the holy Faith and lead an irreproachable life according to the Faith.  Immediately cleanse with repentance every sin that occurs.   

Second, accept everything that you must endure as from the hands of God, remembering firmly that nothing happens without God’s will. 

Third, give sincere thanks to God for everything, believing that everything which proceeds from the Lord is sent by Him for the good of our souls.  Thank Him for sorrows and for consolations. 

Fourth, love sorrow for the sake of its great salvific power and cultivate within yourself a thirst for it as for a drink which, although bitter, is healing. 

Fifth, keep in your thoughts that when misfortune comes, you cannot throw it off like a tight-fitting garment; you must bear it.  Whether in a Christian way or in a non-Christian way, you cannot avoid bearing it; so it is better to bear it in a Christian way.  Complaining will not deliver you from misfortune, but only make it heavier; whereas humble submission to God’s Providence and a good attitude relieve the burden of misfortunes. 

Sixth, realize that you deserve even greater misfortune.  Recognize that if the Lord wanted to deal with you as you rightly deserve, would He have sent you such a small misfortune? 

Seventh, above all, pray, and the merciful Lord will give you strength of spirit.  With such strength, when others marvel at your misfortunes, they will seem like nothing to you.

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