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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Whose fool are you?

Only a fool would attempt to change the world with a simple message of love and peace.  So we can conclude that Jesus was a fool.  Only fools would agree to follow such a man, and then continue his mission even after he had been killed.  So we can conclude that the apostles were fools.  Only fools would take seriously the message which a bunch of fools were preaching, and accept that message.  So we can conclude that all of us are fools.  All this is hardly surprising.  God did not choose a wise philosopher to proclaim the Gospel, but a humble carpenter.  And for his apostles he chose fishermen and tax collectors.  Can we claim to be any better?  Of course not.  Even those among us who have been educated know that in relation to the Gospel our education is worthless.  So let all happily admit we are fools.  Then we will happily commit ourselves to trying to change the world.  Yet weren’t those apostles cowardly and timid?  Aren’t we equally afraid of trying to persuade strangers to change their lives?  Doesn’t the crucifixion of Christ give us ample reason to be frightened?  Yes; but his Resurrection gives us superhuman courage. 

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