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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Road to reward


Counsel from St. John Chrysostom: 

..If we quarrel, let us be reconciled quickly!  If we make peace with our enemy, our success is double:  we have snatched both ourselves and him from the claws of the evil one.  If we do not succeed in persuading our enemy to be reconciled, we should not continue in our spitefulness towards him, we should not hate him as he hates us so that the loss will not be doubled and our soul perish together with his.  In such cases, the wisest thing we can do is forgive him, so that if he perishes at least we will not be devoured by the devil.  If we forgive him and put up with him our salvation is certain, because endurance is no small feat.  According to the Holy Fathers, endurance equals martyrdom.  That is why the long-suffering and forgiving, even though they may have sinned much in the past, will be crowned with imperishable crowns like the holy martyrs.  To be continued...

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