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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

St. Haralambos & When Nero Commands...

Dear Readers, 

Blessings for this Feast Day of St. Haralambos, it is believed his martyrdom took place in the year 202 AD.  Please see the Ortho Thought for the Day entry for the martyrdom of St. Haralambos here:  http://otftd.blogspot.com/2012/02/honoring-martyrs_3595.html 


A brother in Christ has translated and published a young adult historical novel by Orthodox author Aliki Kafetzopoulou (author of The Purple Mantle and Diamonds on the Bosphorus).  By the title, you can tell that the story revolves around the experience of the Early Church.  Many of you are fans of Aliki K.’s writing and I thought you’d want to know about this fine new book!  

You can find it on Amazon.com or you can contact Epignosis Publishing publisher@epignosispublishing.com for volume discounts available to resellers.   

God’s peace,
Presbytera Candace

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