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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Until healed, passions manifest again and again

A man can be harmed by another only through the causes of the passions which lie within himself.  It is for this reason that God, the Creator of all and the doctor of men’s souls, who alone has accurate knowledge of the soul’s wounds, does not tell us to forsake the company of men; He tells us to root out the causes of evil within us and to recognize that the souls’ health is achieved not by a man’s separating himself from his fellows, but by his living the ascetic life in the company of holy men.  When we abandon our brothers for some apparently good reason, we do not eradicate the motives for dejection but merely exchange them, since the sickness which lies hidden within us will show itself again in other circumstances.  St. John Cassian 

Remember that we are all weak, are very easily overcome by passions, and therefore be meek and patient to those who sin against you, knowing that you yourself often suffer from the same infirmity as your brother.  Forgive those who trespass against you, so that God may forgive your trespasses incomparably greater than the trespasses of others against you.  Be always calm, patient, kind-hearted, unsuspicious and firm, and you will always triumph over your enemies.  St. John of Kronstadt

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