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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The obstacle to the energy of God's grace

God wants and desires only one thing from us:  our humbleness.  He does not need anything else; just to humble ourselves, so He can make us partakers of His divine grace, which was granted to us through the mystery of Holy Baptism.  Although we did not love Him yet, neither had we struggled to acquire His grace, He gave it to us as a gift out of His extreme kindness.  He is only asking from us to humble ourselves and respond out of gratefulness and appreciation to His love.  Thus, divine grace, which abides in us, will be activated
and function accordingly.  It will make us love God and get to know Him; it will do everything for us, if only we humble ourselves and allow for it to act.  The only obstacle to the energy of God’s grace, is our pride, our lack of humility. 

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