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Friday, January 6, 2017

An invitation to prayer

A few weeks back, a couple Orthodox Thought readers joined me in a discipline of praying an akathist a day—to the Holy Archangel Michael and to St. Cyprian, one a day, on alternate days.  Our initial commitment has been through the end of January.  We would invite others to join us, to strengthen the bond of prayers being offered to these great Saints and intercessors before God.

I am reminded of two Scriptures, Luke 18:1 and I Thessalonians 5:16, in particular.  



Perhaps we forget or become complacent because we are used to feeling safe, generally, and having our needs, and to a great extent, our wants, met here in the United States.  Nevertheless, spiritual battles are being stirred up with greater intensity everywhere it seems.  It is likely more and more people will feel the effects of these upheavals as a result.  We cannot say what will happen now or later, but we can say we have a mandate from God to keep our canoe upright on the water and help others do the same. 

God speaks to Christians of all ages with admonishment and encouragement in His word.  I think it’s important to keep balance by remembering the Scriptures and stepping up prayer.  If one is not already doing so, let’s take up the tools that God has given us to push back and help effect good in Christ’s name for the benefit of all.     

If you would like to join us in the discipline of praying a daily akathist to Archangel Michael and St. Cyprian on alternating days, please let me know.  The current commitment for this discipline is through the end of January.  It will be good to know that this ring of prayer is expanding. 

God’s peace to all for this calendar new year 2017.

Your sister in the Faith,
Presbytera Candace

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