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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year Blessings & Resources for You

Wishing all of you who read here a most blessed and spiritually profitable New Year!

Want to share with you some new resources which you might find edifying. 

New Martyr magazine created for children:


Here is a magazine for Orthodox kids that arrives to their doorsteps every quarter.

In an effort to provide something exciting and educational for elementary and young middle school aged children our magazine was blessed and born this past fall of 2016. God has provided us with an amazing crew if illustrators, graphic designer, printers and crafters.

We include comics, crafts, short stories, puzzles and even submissions from children all over the world.

Since our first edition went out, we have been noted in many notable blogs as an educational and perfect gift for our children! The notable blogs have included Frederica Matthews Green’s facebook page, Orthodox Christian Parenting and Orthodox Mama to name a few.

For more information or bookstores order please contact newmartyrpublishing@gmail.com.  For direct ordering please go to www.newmartyrpublishing.com.

In Christ,
Matushka Bonnie Elizabeth

Fr. Dcn. Stephen Muse announces a new children’s book:

Now available in paperback (English or bi-lingual English/Greek) and on Kindle (English). It is a Christian Fairy Tale, illustrated by one of Greece's foremost illustrators, DImitra Psichigiou. 

The Peddler and the Disenchanted Mirror is the story of a woman in search of her perfect image. One day at a dusty flea market she finds an unusual mirror, which she tries to purchase to add to her collection. Her struggle with the mirror, the peddler and herself changers her forever… 

Ariane Trifunovic Montemuro, board member of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund has written a profoundly beautiful book about her Serbian Orthodox heritage which became enlivened by a miracle:   


A woman's journey to discovering her ancestral Christian faith. Baptized as an infant, raised and married in the Serbian Orthodox Church in America, Ariane Trifunovic Montemuro never truly understood the depth and scope of her ancient faith until she experienced a miraculous event. Now it is her turn to pass her faith on to future generations.   http://generationtogenerationbook.com/

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