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Friday, January 27, 2012

Be mindful of God and stay near Him

Be mindful of God, so that in every moment He may be mindful of you.  If He is mindful of you, He will give you salvation.

Do not forget Him, letting yourselves be seduced by vain distractions.  Do you want Him to forget you in your times of temptation?

Stay near Him and obey Him in the days of your prosperity.  You will be able to rely on His word in difficult days, because prayer will keep you safe in His continual presence.

Remain constantly before His face, think of Him, remember Him in your heart.  Otherwise, if you only meet Him from time to time, you risk losing your close friendship with Him.

Familiarity between people comes about through physical presence.  Familiarity with God, by contrast, is built on meditation and self-abandonment to Him during prayer.

Those who would see the Lord should purify their hearts with the continual remembrance of God.  They will reach the contemplation of God in every moment, and within Him all will be light.  St. Isaac the Syrian

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