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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Church cannot be prevailed against

Looking at what came to pass, believe what is to come.  No one in the future will be able to prevail against the Church.  If they did not manage to crush her when she numbered but a few members, when her teaching seemed novel and strange, when so many terrible wars and so many persecutions were raised against her from everywhere, much more they will not manage to injure her today, when she has spread in the whole world, and increased her dominion among all nations, abolishing their pagan altars and idols, their festivals and celebrations, the smoke and the smell of their abominable sacrifices.  How did the Apostles achieve such a great, such an important task, after so many obstacles?  Surely, it was by the divine and unconquerable power of Him, who prophesied about the creation and triumph of His Church.  No one can deny this, unless he is mindless and completely unable to think.  St. John Chrysostom

Included below is a note from my cousin, Fr. Demetrios—the video is definitely worth watching.

A Wonderful Bonus: This 13-minute video shows a glimpse of a gigantic, brand new exhibit in Moscow --- heralding the restoration of a free Holy Orthodoxy in Russia.  Notice the piety of the people --- young and old.  Notice the expressions of the faces of the children, as they viewed how the Communists destroyed churches and holy items.  It is a technological masterpiece.  What a JOY it would be to see it live!  Every Orthodox Christian should see this video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XddLDufkaig

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