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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Relieving the conscience of inner anxiety

O Lord and Master!  O God of heaven and earth! 
Show Thy favor and open to me the door of repentance,
pray Thee with mine afflicted soul.
Regard me according to Thy great mercy;
incline Thine ear to my prayer and forgive me,
who am guilty of falling into many sins;
forgive me all of the wretched things I have done,
for I have been conquered by my own evil will.

I seek peace and do not find it, for my conscience is stained;
there is no tranquility in me due to the multitude of my iniquities.

Hearken O Lord, to a heart which cries out to Thee with affliction. 
Attend not to my deeds, but to the affliction of my soul,
and hasten to heal me who am cruelly wounded. 

Grant that I may soon come to my senses
according to the grace of Thy love for mankind.

Take from me the burden of my sins and grant me not
that which my deeds merit,
that I may not perish in the end,
and that I may not be altogether deprived
of thought and concern for my restoration.

I fall down before Thy compassion;
have mercy on me who am cast into the dust
by the judgment of my deeds.

O Master, summon me, a captive who is held and bound
by his deeds as with chains,
for Thou alone knowest how to free those who are bound
and how to heal the invisible sores that are known only to
Thee Who knowest all mysteries.

Show Thy favor and stretch out Thine hand to me. 
Draw me out of the mire of mine iniquities,
O Thou who dost not rejoice at the destruction of man,
and Who dost not turn Thy face from those who cry to Thee with tears.

 Hearken, O Lord, unto the voice of Thy servant, who cries to Thee;
show Thy face to me, for I am beclouded;
enlighten me with the coming of Thy Holy Spirit.
Grant me, O Lord, diligence,
for I have become defiled,
and turn my labor into joy.
 Tear up my sackclothes and gird me with gladness;
may the door of Thy kingdom open to me that,
having entered therein,
I may glorify Thine all-holy name of
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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