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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Recognize the danger of unbelief

Tell me, what can be as great ‘in heaven or on earth,’ (cf Ps 73:25) than that one may become a son of God, His heir and fellow-heir with Christ (cf Rom 8:17)?  Nothing whatever!  But because we prefer earthly things and things that are at hand, and do not seek the blessings that are ‘laid up in heaven,’ (Col 1:5) nor cleave to them with longing, we provide a sure proof to those who look at us that we are victims of the disease of unbelief, as it is written, ‘How can you believe, who receive glory from men and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God,’ (Jn 5:44)?  Then, when we have become slaves of passion we are nailed fast to the earth and what is on it and altogether refuse to look up to heaven and to God.  Being deceived by folly of soul, we disobey His commandments and fall away from His adoption of us as His sons. 

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