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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our hope is in the Lord our God

One must always pray that the Lord will show him the way…Let us pray to the Lord that He will save us and will come to our aid in times of sorrow and need.  I see no other refuge or hope.  Human solutions are vain and mistaken.  When you have to endure something which is very difficult, but you know that it is not of your own will, you receive moral relief and peace of soul.  May God’s will be done!  May the Lord not discredit our faith and devotion to His will.  Our only hope is in God.  He is our firm foundation for everything else is unsure.  You absolutely do not know where it might be better, where it might be worse, or what to expect.  May God’s will be done!  Our work is to preserve ourselves in the faith, and to keep ourselves from every sin, and entrust everything else to God. 


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