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Friday, August 23, 2013

Your prayers will comfort & strengthen imprisoned Archbishop Jovan of Skopje

Beloved Readers,

Below is a message from Fr. Nektarios Serfes who especially keeps near and dear to his heart (and helps us, also), the plight of imprisoned Archbishop Jovan of Skopje.  Please see Fr. Nektarios’ letter of August 10, below, and mercifully offer prayers for our brother, an imprisoned hierarch, Archbishop Jovan. 

If you desire to provide material assistance in addition to prayer support, here is a link to the Archbishop Jovan Fund USA:  http://www.serfes.org/missionary/archbishopjovanfund.htm


Beloved in Christ our Lord,  

Hear this humble plea and prayer please! In a prison cell in Skopje (FYROM) sits or rather prays a humble Archbishop as he wonders does anyone care about him? His name is His Eminence, Metropolitan Jovan of Skopje and has faithfully remained ever faithful to the Patriarchate of Serbia, as well as his bishops, his priest, his monks, nuns, and faithful parish members.  

What do you think the Archbishop is praying about  in his cell right now? God be merciful to me a sinner! Also may our Lord God forgive those who have injured me and our beloved Orthodox Church. While in his prison cell Archbishop as well at this hour feels the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, as to face to face through his endurance, through his hardship, and through his pains of his illness, but he has not given up just yet!  

The Archbishop still lives, how long is unknown to us because of your prayers he has survived in spite of the fact he needs an operation, in spite of the fact he has not received Holy Communion before he went in prison in December 2012 just for being a Orthodox Archbishop who simply desires to remain faithful to our Lord and His Church.  

Please remember in your loving prayers Archbishop Jovan and light a candle for him when you go to Church this Sunday, the Archbishop will be greatly comforted and feel your prayers as well as the Light of Christ will continue to shine in his heart.  

Peace to your soul!  

+Archimandrite Nektarios (Serfes)
President of The Archbishop Jovan Fund USA, 
Who prays for you and with you! 

God love and bless you!



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