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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Special prayers for the departed

I know some dear people who have recently lost loved ones.  I was looking through one of my prayer books and thought it might be a mercy and blessing to share a few prayers which may fulfill a need not only for those I know personally, but for other readers as well. 

Memory eternal!

O my God, it was Your good will, which is beyond the mere understanding of man, to call my husband to Yourself.  This is truly a heavy cross for me to bear; yet I flee to You alone for deliverance, for You are the almighty helper and supporter of widows, and the all-loving Father of orphans.  Help me, for I am helpless;  feed me, for I am alone; and strengthen me to fulfill Your holy will.  I place all my hope in You, O gracious Master:  Hear my humble prayer, through Your only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Who reigns together with You unto ages of ages.  Amen.
Master, Lord, immaculate Creator of all, in Your love for mankind You created woman from Adam's rib and blessed them, saying:  Be fruitful, multiply and conquer the earth.  You joined the two into one body and commanded that no man separate that which You had joined tighter.  Look down from heaven, O compassionate Father, and behold the grief and pain which have fallen upon my heart and soul as I behold my separation today from the one whom You, O Lord, gave to be my husband (wife) and my support in this life.  Show Your loving-kindness to me, O merciful Lord, at this hour which is so difficult for my soul to endure.  Lord, Jesus Christ, comforter of those who mourn, the Prophet Isaiah spoke of You, saying that You would come to heal those whose hearts were crushed.  Be my comforter and hear me as I raise my voice to You with faith.  I pray, O gracious King, forgive whatever sins my husband (wife) committed in this life; whether by word, deed, or thought, knowingly or unknowingly.  Receive the soul of Your servant, O Lord, in Your eternal heavenly kingdom, among the dwelling of the saints.  At Your proper time, grant that my soul, which longs for that kingdom, may also dwell in that holy place where, once again, our souls shall meet and, together, offer glory and praise to Your all-holy name, of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages.  Amen.
O Lord, You heard Joseph grieving over the death of his father, Jacob, as he wept and kissed him.  Your own Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, also knew of the love of a mother, for as He suffered upon the cross, He beheld His Mother and the disciple whom He loved standing near her, and He said, Woman, behold your son.  And to the disciple He said, Behold your mother.  Good Master, look down from heaven and see the pain and grief which have laid hold of my heart and soul today.  Be merciful to me, Your servant, and receive the prayer which is offered to You by a child who has lost his beloved father (mother).  Forgive whatever sins he (she) has willingly or unwillingly committed, whether by word, deed or thought.  Merciful Master, hear the grieving voice of one who has been taught to turn to You with true faith in times of need, and to raise my eyes and voice to You.  Show Your mercy, O Lord, and grant rest to my father (mother), making him (her) a partaker of Your eternal blessings and granting him (her) a place at Your right hand, for blessed and glorified are You unto all ages.  Amen.
Prayers found in the Orthodox Prayer Book published by New Varatic Publishing, Holy Protection Monastery, Lake George, Colorado.

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