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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Continuing the celebration of the Twelve Holy Days of Christmas

“Lord allow us today to celebrate Your true Nativity, of which the present festival puts us in mind. This day is like Yourself: it is the friend of man. Year by year it returns throughout the centuries, growing old with the aged, renewing itself with the newborn child. Year by year it comes to us, passes, then returns, full of the same grace. It knows that human nature cannot do without it. Like You, it comes to the rescue of our imperiled race. The whole round earth is thirsting for your Nativity, Lord. In that one joyful day are contained the all the ages to come; it is one, yet it multiplies itself to infinity. May it then resemble You again this year, and make peace between heaven and earth. 

All days bear the imprint of Your goodness, but today Your goodness brims over. The other days of the year borrow their loveliness from this one; the coming festivals owe to it all their dignity and luster. Your Nativity, O Lord is a treasure great enough to pay the common debt. Blessed be that day which gave back the light of the sun to us who were astray in the dark, which brought us the sheaf of divine plenty and gave us that vine from which the wine of salvation would be pressed... 

"For a Child is born unto us, and a Son is given unto us.” You Who are Your Father’s Son have become Your mother’s child; in Heaven, infinite: here, tiny; abiding in Your Father’s bosom, yet carried in Your mother’s womb. Changeless in Godhead, peerless in Your humanity, because for ever One and the same in both; in Your divine nature our Creator, and in Your humanity, our Redeemer.” 

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