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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On over-sensitivity

Your only defect is that you are over-sensitive. Over-sensitivity is not good. It causes a lot of problems that are hard to be solved. It is the basic cause of all disasters. You will only harm yourself and your family if you do not try and get rid of it, or at least restrict it. No one withstands an insult with pleasure, least of all an over-sensitive person. But in everyday life, all of us can be victims of insults. And what does insult really mean? It means a moral decrease, a moral harm, or doubted prestige caused by others. Well, how is one supposed to control them? Can they be controlled? Of cause not. The right and just aim is not to insult or be insulted. It is difficult but not impossible. And just this is the aim of the Church of Christ. However, in some cases God allows a temptation to judge our endurance and our belief. And those who pass the test are very few. We must struggle to do God’s will. Only His mercy will save us. 


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