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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On the acquisition of humility

You always ask that the Lord would grant you humility.  But you see, it is not given as a gift from the Lord.  The Lord is always ready to help people to acquire humility, as well as all good things, but it is necessary that the person work on himself.  As the Holy Fathers say, "Give blood, and receive spirit."  This means you have to labor to the spilling of blood, and then you will receive spiritual gifts.  You seek and request spiritual gifts, but you are stingy about spilling your blood; that is, you do not want anyone to touch you or disturb you.  How can you obtain humility in an undisturbed life?  For humility consists in seeing yourself as below all creatures.  When people bother you and you see that you cannot endure it, and get angry with them, then you will have to consider yourself lower.  If at this you lament and reproach yourself for your exaltation and incorrigibility and sincerely repent about it before God, then you are on the path to humility.

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