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Sunday, March 2, 2014

On partaking of Holy Communion

…The Church also forbids Holy Communion to those who have not made peace with their friends and family, who harbor hatred for a neighbor and have not forgiven them.  The Lord forbids such people to approach the holy chalice because we are all the work of His hands; we all belong to Him.  If we want eternal life with Him, then we must forgive everyone from the heart.


And so, my dear ones, approach with a peaceful heart, pure feelings and a clear conscience in order to receive the most pure Body and Blood of our Lord.  You see how it was the will of the Lord for us to be like Him not only in spirit, but in the flesh as well.  We are His kin in the flesh, in the spirit and in the soul.  He gives all of Himself to us.  Do you see how He gives Himself to us without reservation?  He gives us His most pure Body and His most precious Blood in order that we might have eternal life and be in communion with Him.  For this He wants us to have a pure heart and to be like the angels and saints.  Therefore, we must forgive everyone from the heart, for everything belongs to God.  We must not have a single negative thought when we receive the Lord.  If we receive the Lord while at the same time breeding hateful thoughts toward a neighbor, we are receiving Him not unto our salvation but unto judgment.  And so, my children, let every one of you examine your soul and approach the holy chalice. 

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