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Monday, August 25, 2014

On the conscience part 1

I have written to you about the conscience, that we must be careful not to do something that will make it reproach and condemn us.  Bear in mind that God sees everything and that nothing is hidden from His eyes.  So, how could I tell lies before God?  Don’t you know that lies are from the devil and that by not being careful, it becomes a practice, then a habit, then a passion and don’t you know that liars will not inherit the Kingdom of God? 

Fear God.  God is not pleased with material offerings when we neglect attending to our inner heart.  But it is necessary to do these also without leaving the others undone (cf. Mt. 23:23). 

Attend to your conscience, for we do not know the hour of our death. And if we do not repay our creditor (our conscience, that is) everything we owe him, he will accuse us vehemently, without holding back.  Then—alas!—our mouth will be silenced, not having any answer to give.

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