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Saturday, December 5, 2015


On the Feast of St. Nicholas you are invited to join the ranks of "blessed, memorable founders."  

Do these prayers sound familiar? We beseech You also for the blessed, and memorable founders of this Holy Church… From the prayer of fervent supplication offered during Vespers, Orthros & Divine Liturgy.   Again we pray for blessed memory and remission of sins for the blessed Founders of this holy Church…  From proskomidi prayers in preparation for the Divine Liturgy.

These prayers are offered routinely in the Orthodox Church’s Divine services.  “For the blessed founders…”  Every person involved in the founding/building of an Orthodox Church is remembered before God when services are offered there.  Who would not want to obtain such a blessing?

Orthodox Christians in America are invited to give generously to the building of the new St. Nicholas Church in NYC at Ground Zero.  By doing so, you can enter into the ranks of "blessed, memorable founders."  And, what better day to give than the Saint’s Feast Day, December 6/19?

Herein lies a two-fold blessing:  Your gift will help ensure the raising of this beautiful church to the glory of God in 2016.  It will also assure your remembrance before the throne of God whenever services are offered there.  The remembrance as a blessed founder is a great benefit, not only now, but for eternity.  You will receive both prayer support in this life and a reward for your loving gift eternally!  In truth, we are offered much by God in return for a gift given from faith and love.

Give from the heart, give generously when you consider how God has blessed you.  The blessings will be multiplied…to you and yours and others as well. Use this opportunity to express your faith and love.  Draw closer to God and the one whose life we honor, St. Nicholas of Myra, the Wonderworker!

Visit the St. Nicholas Shrine site https://www.stnicholaswtc.org/  There you will learn how to donate on-line or by check, through the mail.  Take advantage of this beautiful opportunity to become a "blessed, memorable founder" of a holy church.  Holy Father Nicholas, pray to God for us!

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