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Friday, December 25, 2015

Beautiful prayer for the 12 Holy Days of Christmas

A few years ago, the text below appeared in The Orthodox Observer as a prayer for the Nativity Fast.  However, with a line or two adjustment, it is every bit as precious and pertinent for use during the Twelve Holy Days of Christmas.  Hope you’ll find it a blessing to use in the days ahead: 

Lord Jesus You have come so many times to us and found no resting place.  Forgive us for our overcrowded lives, our vain haste and our pre-occupation with self.  Come again, O Lord, and though our hearts are a jumble of voices and our minds overlaid with many fears, find a place, however humble, where you can begin to work your wonders as you create peace and joy within us.  If in some hidden corner, in some out-of-the-way spot, we can clear away the clutter and shut out the noise and darkness, come be born again in us and we shall kneel in perfect peace with the wisest and humblest of men. 

Lord, give us Christmas from within that we may share it from without, on all sides all around us, wherever there is need.  God help us, every one, to share the blessing of Jesus in whose Name we keep Christmas holy.  Amen.  

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