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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Today's "Christmas" culture--clues from New York City holiday windows


The Year Christmas Died

A ‘holiday’ window at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.
Photo: Mark Lennihan/Associated Press

After reading the WSJ article above, I have some thoughts on this...

My initial thought when seeing this is—Christians need to take a stand for our Christ, pure and simple.  Even those who have not made a commitment to Christ should consider taking a stand, also.  Why?  Because the culture is rapidly deteriorating and Christianity, true Christianity, is the salt that enlightens and preserves it.  The thing is, a personal cost will be involved.   

If we desire to have Christ stand with us, then we must stand with Him first.  Every denial, however small, erodes our existing Faith and weakens us spiritually and other ways as well.  Our personal and cultural denial—the “dissing” of the true and Living God--is costing us.  If we don’t step in, even at this late date, and take a stand and push back, we will live through experiences we’d never think possible on US soil.  We may still live through such experiences, but by being bold, humble and faithful, we will have the strength and mercy of God with us.

The marketers in NYC are motivated by what they think the public wants—or perhaps they are being handsomely paid to steer the public in a desired direction.  I believe they feel empowered by pushing blatantly anti-Christian propaganda visually.  What to do?  As a start, tell them we don’t want it and are offended by it.  It is an offense to the God of heaven whom we love and worship.  He loves us all, even those yet to believe, but this behavior will not be allowed to go on very long without response.  It is, simply, the spirit of rebellion.  And, of course, take your business elsewhere and tell everyone you know why.

Orthodox Christians have a responsibility to take a stand—to lead, if necessary, against these pervasive anti-God, anti-Christian influences, regardless of personal cost.  I more often include in my prayers a request that God would keep me from denying Him ‘til my last breath.  What would happen if the majority of Christians were to do the same and live with courage and commitment, in “bold humility?”  God grant us holy boldness which is the legacy of committed Christians. 

Christ is Born!  Glorify Him!
Presbytera Candace

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