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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blessings worth sharing--you've made it possible!



How often do you receive a request for prayer or a financial appeal and then hear nothing afterwards?  Are you ever curious to know what your prayers or financial gifts are doing?  Are they making a difference?  How would you know?   

As an Orthodox Priest and President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, I feel a special obligation to let you know what your prayers and gifts have accomplished over the past year.  Be assured--God is great, even in difficult circumstances, such as daily life for the Orthodox Christians of Kosovo and Metohija.   

Earlier this year, I asked for your assistance in purchasing a much needed ambulance for the hospital in Osojane.  I can joyfully say that the hospital now has a fully equipped ambulance!  It was recently purchased in Germany and driven back to Kosovo.  Its arrival was met with a great deal of relief and thanksgiving!

Fr. Isaiah & new ambulance 
The ambulance was actually purchased by a single donor!  This allowed all the funds given previously for that purpose to be used to purchase other long desired necessities—appliances, in particular.  The Fund purchased needed appliances for families as well as for a local monastery.  The joy of the receivers filled our own hearts with much gladness—thanks be to God!


The DMRF continues to provide basic necessities routinely—food, toiletries and the like for approximately 200 families.  One of the women served is shown here with a box of provisions.  Her gratitude is evident in her smile. 


In addition, the DMRF has purchased chain saws, tractors and farm animals (to replace those too often stolen).  And, we offer assistance to meet electric bills for families and monasteries which simply don’t have the financial resources to meet them.
Many of you helped provide seeds last fall for spring planting.  This project was a great success!  Families, monasteries and soup kitchens are all better supplied this fall than they were the last.  I’ve been asked to thank all of you who generously sent seed packets for our Christian brethren.  Last year I carried 1,000 packets with me to Kosovo and I hope to do it again when I travel there next month.

Fr. Nektarios & friend in Kosovo

 Yes, I am, by the mercy of God and with His blessing and help, traveling to Kosovo in mid-November.  I plan to leave the USA on November 14, returning home on the 30th.   

I ask your prayers.  My desire is to bless and be blessed in the process of this humanitarian trip.  Truly, it is hard to go and hard to return.  What God provides me is spiritual profit and heartfelt joy as consolation.  And I carry you all in my heart.   

I count it a privilege to make the journey and to represent the DMRF of which you are part.  Without you, there is no Decani Monastery Relief Fund.  There is nothing tangible to give to bring hope, love and inspiration to those living in difficult circumstancesSo, thank you, dear brothers and sisters!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from every Serbian heart which receives blessings from the Fund.

As I prepare for this trip, there are ways to help make it happen.  Here are my requests before God and you, His vessels of love: 

·       Unopened seed packets.  Preferably organic seeds.  Seeds for quick growing produce, high yielding summer produce and fall produce that can help sustain people throughout the cold winter months.  We have already received a gift of 400 organic seed packets from High Mowing Seeds in Vermont.  And word has just come in that Johnny's Seeds, of Maine, will be helping us as well.  God bless those who’ve made this possible!  Can we, among us, come up with a few hundred more seed packets to reach the 1,000 packet goal by the first week of November?  May God abundantly bless this endeavor once more!  

·       The structure of the Decani Fund does not allow for the use of funds for personal travel.  I have asked our Lord for assistance in meeting travel expenses:  plane fare to and from Belgrade and the cost of one night each way in a hotel in Belgrade for both arrival and departure.  Total anticipated cost is: $1,400.00.  Any donations made toward this effort are gratefully received—it does not matter the amount given.  Any amount given over and above the request will be changed into Euros and distributed to families when I reach Kosovo.  God knows what is needed and He has always provided for this need through His faithful servants. 

Would you help me?  Can you send seed packets?  Can you help with trip expenses?  Will you continue to open your hearts and receive God’s blessing in the process?  I have confidence in you—as do the fathers of the Decani Monastery and the faithful who, without knowing you, bless and love you from the heart. 

Unopened seed packets and any donations for travel expenses can be sent to: 

Very Reverend Nektarios Serfes
Ss. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church
2618 West Bannock Street
Boise, Idaho 83702

If you have any questions about the DMRF, please call me:  208-860-2479

God love and bless you!
+Fr. Nektarios Serfes


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