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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Found: Patron Saints for Bee Keepers

St Ambrose of Milan is considered to be the patron saint of beekeepers (+ December 7).  In the life of the saint it is mentioned that when he was an infant a swarm of bees settled in his mouth, said to be a sign he would become a great orator. His preaching was reported to "sound as sweet as flowing honey" which earned him the alternative moniker of the "Honey-Tongued Doctor." 

Sincere thanks to Carmen, who provided the information above.

Vasiliki writes that Deacon George, who is a bee keeper, honors St. Haralambos as a Patron Saint for those who tend bees: 


Both Ss. Haralambos and Ambrose were mentioned as Patrons for bee keepers in the comments section of The Blessing of Bees article.  It’s very nice to see both Saints being put forth by readers as Patrons for bee keepers.  God bless and maintain the bee population and those who help keep God’s creatures healthy and viable on the earth!

Meet St. Gobnait, whose icon was recently written by Ortho Thought reader, Vicki Kendall.  Thank you for sharing this piece of sacred art with us.  

There are a few sources on line with reference to St. Gobnait.  This basic one https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gobnait has a photo of a statue of the Saint found in Ireland.  If you zero in on the details, you will see the bees at the base of the statue. 
Thanks to all of you who submitted info on Bee Keeping Saints in the Orthodox Christian tradition!

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