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Thursday, October 6, 2016

On the quandary of voting


Apart from the election of a new president here in the United States, there appear to be at least two particular reasons for Christians to vote this November.  Neither seem to get much attention in the media, but both seem crucial for consideration:   

(1)  Supreme Court judges are expected to be appointed during next administration.  We, our children, grand-children and/or Godchildren will live with the consequences of the ideologies of the appointees and judgments handed down.  The possible implications for the future should be prayerfully weighed. 

(2)  This is an election for more than presidential candidates.  There are upstanding Christ loving men and women who are invested in upholding existing laws and improving various facets of the government who are seeking to be elected/re-elected to various offices across the United States.  Seek out those running in your locale if you don’t already know and give them your support.  Not every potential public servant is in the arena for the wrong reasons. 

When I think of the future of the United States, and the mercies and blessings that have comprised my own life as an American citizen for 60 years, I am brought to tears by the current state of affairs.  The Old Testament verse (II Chronicles 7:14) is something that I am clinging to and I hope all readers will cling to and practice faithfully as we move forward in uncertain and vulnerable times.  It is necessary to be both salt and light for the culture in which we live (Matt 5:13-16).  Humility, repentance, prayer—and doing what you can to keep evil in check as Edmund Burke so aptly wrote above.   



With love in Christ,
Presbytera Candace

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