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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The power of meekness and evidence of it

Abba Zosimus said: When I was once with the blessed Amma Dionysia, a brother asked her for some alms; and she gave him whatever she could. However, since he received less than he had asked for, he began to insult her, speaking improperly about her and about me. When she heard this, she was hurt and sought to harm him. Therefore, on learning this, I told her: “What are you doing, conspiring against yourself? You are removing every virtue from your soul. For what is it that you worthily endure, by comparison with those things, which Christ endures for you? I know, my lady, that you have distributed all your possessions as if they were worthless. Nevertheless, unless you acquire meekness, then you will be like the forger beating an iron nugget but producing no vessel." St. Ignatius the God-bearer says, “I require meekness, through which all of the power of the prince of this age is abolished.” The sign of abolishing this world is not being troubled when someone insults you.

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