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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wednesday of Holy Pentecost

The power to bear Mysteries, which the humble man has received, which makes him perfect in every virtue without toil, this is the very power which the blessed Apostles received in the form of fire.  For its sake the Savior commanded them not to leave Jerusalem until they should receive power from on high, that is to say, the Paraclete, which, being interpreted, is the Spirit of consolation.

And this is the Spirit of divine visions.  Concerning this it is said in divine Scripture: 'Mysteries are revealed to the humble,' [Eccl 3:19]. The humble are accounted worthy of receiving in themselves this Spirit of revelations, Who teaches mysteries.  

Today I would like to share with you a poem, written by Bishop Paul of Tracheia.  His Grace Bishop Paul now resides in a small monastic community in France, a dependency of Simonopetra Monastery on Mt. Athos.  The poem is simply titled,  


O come most holy flame of living fire,
And quench the thirst of my intense desire!
Repose upon me!  Fill me with Your grace,
And leave within my heart Your blessed trace!
Take me down the strait and narrow way,
And guide me through the night and through the day.
Grant me to regret my every sin,
And may new life in me, through You, begin.
You hover over waters as a Dove,
Your breath is peace, and source of perfect Love,
O Holy Spirit, ever blessed One,
Sent from God the Father, by the Son!
O come upon me on this blessed day,
Remain in me, and never go away! 

His Grace has been gifted with the talent of revealing precious truths—about theology, about the lives of Saints, about virtue in its many forms through rhyming verse.  He has a number of books of poetry available on Amazon.com (search under Bishop Paul of Tracheia).  His humble disposition doesn’t allow himself to draw attention to his works.  However, having read many of them myself, I am routinely in awe of some of the amazing writing he has done.  His books contain poems and stories, some quite lengthy, all rhythmic compositions that proclaim beautiful truths.   I like to refer to his style of writing as “holy rhyme.”  His is an unique ministry, it’s my hope that readers here might take note of this and partake of the loveliness of his spiritual offerings.  Pres. C.

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