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Friday, May 30, 2014

Admonition to husbands & fathers

So let’s consider also that the tradition of the Church is worthy of credit and trust!   Children, obey your parents in the Lord (not when they tell you to do what is wrong).  And don’t exasperate your children, but give them the instruction and correction which belongs to a Christian upbringing. Do you want your son to be obedient? Make him a Christian.   It’s essential for people in the world to know the Bible, but especially the children. It’s absurd to send children out to trades and to school, and yet not to give them a Christian upbringing.   How long are we to be mere lumps of flesh, stooping to the earth?   Let everything be secondary to our training our children in the discipline and love of the Lord.   Do not seek mere outward learning. Let’s teach and train our children to bear every trial and not be surprised at whatever happens to them. Everyone will respect them when they see them in the fire without being burned.   Our own personal holiness isn’t enough for salvation. So let’s take care of our wives and children and servants, as well as of ourselves. And let’s implore God to help us in this work. If He sees us interested,  He will help us. 

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