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Friday, May 9, 2014

Hasten to help me, O Lord

You cannot conquer any passion, any sin, without gracious help; therefore, always ask the help of Christ, your Savior.  It was for this that He came into the world, for this that He suffered, died and rose from the dead, in order to help us in everything, to save us from sin, and from the violence of the passions, to cleanse us from our sins, to bestow upon us power in the Holy Spirit to do good works, to enlighten us, to strengthen us and to give us peace.  You ask how you can save yourself when sin stands at every step, and you sin at every moment?  There is a simple answer to this:  at every step, at every moment, call upon the Savior, remember the Savior always, and with the practice of self-control, you will save yourself and others. 

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